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Eating With Your Prosthetic Hand

Mealtime can be a source of frustration and inconvenience for those living with upper limb amputation. The loss of fine motor control makes it difficult to manipulate utensils effectively, and the absence of fingers and a natural grip further complicates the process. 

In this blog, we will share valuable tips for using Vulcan prosthetics arm during meals, including proper positioning and stability techniques. We will guide you through the process of aligning your prosthetic hand for optimal control while handling utensils, allowing you to enjoy your meals with confidence.

1.The Difficulties of Eating for Amputees

Challenges during mealtime can be incredibly disheartening for individuals with upper limb amputation. 

Just imagine the struggle of trying to pick up a utensil and bring food to your mouth with precision, only to have it slip from your grasp. The loss of fingers, a natural grip, and the absence of fine motor control severely limits dexterity, making even simple tasks like cutting a juicy beefsteak, and pouring a cup of wine, for example, way too complicated for your dining experience.

An upper limb is using his prothesis hand to work with his other hand to hold a bowl of cereal and pour milk from a blue box of milk into the bowl
Eating could be a struggle time for upper limb amputees

Moreover, handling small items may become a daily battle, as something as seemingly insignificant as opening a condiment packet turns into a frustrating ordeal. But it's not just the physical challenges that take a toll. Eating with limited upper limb function can take longer time to finish your meal. Every bite requires meticulous care to ensure a secure grip, leading to a sense of frustration and inconvenience.

And let's not forget about the emotional impact. The need for constant assistance or the inability to perform tasks independently can chip away at one's sense of independence and self-esteem, making you feel like a burden during something as fundamental as enjoying a meal.

*It's important to note that these difficulties can vary from person to person, and the specific challenges faced may depend on the individual's unique circumstances.

2. Vulcan Prosthetics: Transforming the Eating Experience

However, there is a path to no longer have to struggle with utensils slipping from your grasp or worrying about pouring liquids. Vulcan semi bionic hands have revolutionized the eating experience for individuals with upper limb amputation. You now can regain control, perform precise cutting motions, and confidently handle small items. Here are how Vulcan prosthetics can help individuals eat better and engage in various activities related to dining.

2.1. Advanced Functionality and Adaptability: Unlock Different Possibilities

There is a reason why the Vulcan hand is designed to have a 360 degrees wrist rotation and a thumb allowing 06 different grips, all are made to support you in varied activities that you may need during your mealtime. Also, the EMG sensors placed in your MyoBand help to detect the electrical signals generated by your residual muscles, allowing for intuitive control of the prosthetic hand.

An upper limb is using his prothesis hand to hold a fork while the other hand holds a spoon to eat Spaghetti with sausages
Holding utensils comfortably with the support from Vulcan prosthetic arm

Whether it's a power grip for grasping your bottle of wine while the other hand opening its lid, a precision grip for picking up a small pickled olive and placing it on top of your salad, or a tripod grip for holding a spoon to stir your Jalapeno tartar sauce, the Vulcan hand accompanies you with a high level of control and dexterity. 

2.2 Adjustable Grip Strength: Tailored for Different Tasks

Another remarkable feature of Vulcan prosthetics is the ability to adjust the grip strength of the prosthetic hand by changing its speed on the Vulcan-exclusive app. This adaptability allows you to modify the amount of force applied when holding utensils or manipulating different types of food.

For example, when cutting through a piece of meat, you can increase the grip strength to ensure a secure hold, while for more delicate tasks like picking up a grape, you can decrease the grip strength to avoid crushing it. 

3. Tips for Using Vulcan Prosthetics During Meals

To optimize the eating experience with Vulcan prosthetics, proper positioning and stability are crucial. Correct prosthetic alignment ensures optimal control while handling utensils. You can watch more on how to adjust your grip for holding spoons, forks, knives, and other utensils, providing you with the confidence and stability needed for a comfortable dining experience during Vulcan's Youtube channel.

An upper limb is using his prothesis hand to hold a small tomoato without crushing it
Adjusting proper positioning of the Vulcan hand for a better eating experience

Utilizing stabilization techniques can further enhance control and prevent food from sliding or spilling. For example, leveraging the support of your non-dominant hand can provide additional stability while using the prosthetic hand. Additionally, using plate guards and non-slip mats can help keep food in place and make it easier to scoop or cut without the worry of items sliding off the plate.

In addition to proper positioning and stability, considering specialized adaptive utensils can greatly improve the eating experience. These utensils are designed specifically for individuals with upper limb amputation, offering features that assist with cutting, gripping, and scooping food. Adaptive utensils can provide individuals with increased ease during meals, empowering them to enjoy their food with confidence.

From now on, you do not have to suffer eating challenges anymore once the Vulcan hand prosthetic is here with you. By understanding proper positioning, utilizing stabilization techniques, and getting the right support from Vulcan prosthetics, you can optimize your dining experience and confidently enjoy your mealtime with your loved ones. 

Start today by CLICK and FILL OUT Vulcan form for a free consultation with the Vulcan team to get you your perfect-matched Vulcan hand. 


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