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Doing Outdoor Activities with Your Vulcan Hand Prosthesis

How long have you not gotten the touch of the wind on your face, the excitement of exploring new places, and the joy of immersing yourself in outdoor adventures? 

Outdoor activities not only provide physical exercise but also have a profound impact on our emotional well-being. However, in some cases, an arm amputation can disrupt the ability to fully engage in these activities. But what if there is a way to bridge that gap?. In this blog, we will take you on a journey to discover how Vulcan's hand empowers arm amputees to embrace the great outdoors.

1.Doing the Outdoors with Vulcan Upper Limb Prosthesis

Vulcan believes that outdoor activities are for everyone, no matter what age, gender, or capability. For arm amputees, the range of activities may be limited due to the lack of mobility and safety issues, therefore, wearing a functional prosthetic can be a solution to consider. With the help of modern prosthetics nowadays boosting your ability to keep balanced and perform acts requiring two hands, there is a long list of certain activities that an upper limb amputee can flexibly enjoy. 

An upper limb young man wearing a white polo shirt and black shorts is using his prothesis hand to ride a bicycle in a park
The hand prosthesis boosts your ability to perform acts requiring two hands

Whether you're handling tough mountain biking trails or going on amazing hikes, casting a fishing line with accuracy into calm waters, or capturing stunning photos, a prosthetic designed for both indoor and outdoor activities, such as Vulcan prosthetic hand, can serve as the ideal companion for you. One of the key features that make Vulcan a game-changer for outdoor activities is its practical design of specialized grips. Some main grips that you may use most for activities outside houses are Power Grip, Hook Grip, and Precision Grip (we will discuss more especially how you can apply these grips for an outdoor day in the following part). 

*Pro tip: Remember, working closely with your doctor or a professional prosthetist is essential to ensure the proper fit, functionality, and safety of the prosthetic device, allowing you to enjoy the activities you love to the fullest extent possible. Using a prosthetic device that is not specifically engineered to withstand the demands of a particular activity may lead to damage or pose a risk of serious injury.

2. Maximizing Outdoor Fun: Continuing Hobby Enjoyment

One of the fastest ways to help an amputee get back to normal life is by giving them the power to continue what they used to love doing. Engaging in hobbies and partaking in outdoor activities are essential components of a fulfilling life. With just these 03 grips from the Vulcan's hand, you can continue to enjoy activities such as biking, hiking, fishing, photography, and much more

2.1 Power Grip

An upper limb young man wearing a white polo shirt is using his prothesis hand to hold a black camera in a park
Using the Power Grip to firmly hold objects like camera, hiking pole, etc

The Power Grip is designed for activities that require a strong and secure hold. It allows you to firmly grasp objects such as bike handlebars, hiking poles, or fishing rods, ensuring stability and control in demanding outdoor environments.

2.2 Hook Grip

An upper limb young man wearing a white polo shirt is using his prothesis hand to ride a bicycle in a park
Using the Hook Grip to graps items like camera strap, backpack strap, handlebars,etc

The Hook Grip is particularly useful for activities that involve hanging or suspending objects. This grip mimics the function of a hook or a clamp, providing you with the ability to suspend items like camera straps or backpacks, ensuring you to keep your belongings securely attached, accessible and within reach during outdoor adventures, providing convenience and peace of mind. 

Well, you do not want to spend two hours searching for things to drop from your backpack on the way of trekking, the worst nightmare ever, right! 

2.3 Precision Grip

An upper limb young man wearing a white polo shirt is using his prothesis hand to tie his beige shoelaces in a park
Precision Grip is super useful for detailed - oriented works like tying shoeslaces

The Precision Grip is designed for tasks that require dexterity and fine motor control. This grip allows you to handle smaller objects, such as camera lenses, and fishing lures, or adjust camera settings. With the Precision Grip, you can perform delicate movements with accuracy and precision.

3. Building Connections and Creating Memories with Outdoor Activities

When wearing Vulcan, arm amputees can feel empowered and fully engaged, not only in terms of appearance but also through practical usefulness. 

Engaging in outdoor activities with your family, friends, co - workers,etc

Outdoor activities provide wonderful opportunities for you to foster connections with family and friends, creating cherished memories together. These experiences help strengthen relationships, promote a sense of normalcy, and significantly boost mental well-being. Remember when was the last time you could share a joyful BBQ party when camping with your loved ones? It’s that time to take back those memories. 

An upper limb man wearing a yellow shirt is happily smiling and practicing his hand prosthesis milk from a blue box of milk into the bowl
Khoa happily takes back the ability to ride a motorbike around the city with his beloved wife

Khoa, one of Vulcan long - long-time users, had painfully stopped taking his loved wife to do city view every night on his motorbike as a simple act of love shared between him and her, due to a tragic accident. 4 years after an accident, Khoa now can find his confidence to accompany his wife on outings again after an accident by using a Vulcan hand to ride a bike again, reigniting the flame of their marital connection. Not only does Khoa gain a smile again, but also his wife, who always happily and proudly talks about their dates together these days.

Outdoor activities hold immense value in lives, and Vulcan's upper limb prosthesis ensures that you do not have to miss out on the joys of these pursuits. Embrace the adventure with Vulcan and let the spirit of exploration and enjoyment guide you as you navigate the beautiful world around you, beyond the missing part of the body.

If you're ready to embark on your adventure with Vulcan, CLICK HERE to register with the Vulcan team for a personalized consultation!


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