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Boosting Prosthetic Adoption with Vulcan's Hand Prosthesis

High-tech prosthetic arms have the power to transform lives by providing more mobility, independence, therefore a better quality of life.

However, there are certain reasons that make people hesitant to use them. In this blog post, we will explore why some people abandon high-tech prosthetics and offer solutions to address their concerns.

1. Common Reasons for Abandoning High-Tech Prosthetics

1.1 Complexity and Difficulty of Use

One common reason individuals abandon high-tech prosthetics is the perceived complexity and difficulty of use. Many people believe that these advanced devices are only suitable for those who are technologically savvy or highly educated. That’s why Vulcan recognizes the importance of user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls.

An upper limb old man is using his prothesis hand to hold an apple
A 50 year old Polish man - Michal successfully hold an apple in his first try

Vulcan's myoelectric prosthetic hand is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that users can easily adjust the settings to their individual needs with just three simple steps: Wearing the devices, Doing calibration on the Vulcan app and Practicing the hand, that’s it! The mechanism of use, featuring an intuitive grasp-and-release functionality, is easy to understand and operate. Vulcan simplifies every step as much as possible so users from different backgrounds can comfortably use the Vulcan hands. 

Michal, an U60 user from Poland, who successfully adapted to Vulcan's technology in less than 20 minutes at his first try, allowing Vulcan to prove that age or educational background is not a barrier to use the Vulcan hand. 

1.2 High-Tech Prosthetics are Only for the Elite 

Another common thought is that high-tech prosthetics are only accessible to the elite due to their high cost, especially with bionic hands. While it is true that some advanced prosthetic devices can be expensive, Vulcan is committed to making these life-changing solutions more affordable and accessible to a broader range of individuals.

By offering a range of pricing options, Vulcan ensures that individuals can find a prosthetic solution that suits their budget. It is crucial to consider the long-term value and the potential for quality of life that these prosthetics bring.

An upper limb young man wearing gray shirt is using his black Vulcan hand prosthesis to hold a bottle of water
The Vulcan Prosthetic Hand is now a supportive tool for Dung's everyday tasks

Dung, a young man from a rural area who experienced life-changing improvements with high-tech prosthetics at a very reasonable price. After installing Vulcan hand prosthesis, Dung uses it for his work as a content creator on social media and soon becomes an inspiration for other amputees, along with giving him a better source of income for a living compared to his previous job.

1.3 Maintenance and Durability

Concerns regarding the maintenance and durability of high-tech prosthetics often contribute to their abandonment. Vulcan understands the importance of reliable and durable prosthetic solutions.

Vulcan is committed to providing not only cutting-edge technology but also excellent support. Users can rely on the Vulcan app to access assistance and troubleshooting whenever needed. Additionally, regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity of the prosthetic.

Vulcan offers comprehensive guidance on how to care for and extend the lifespan of the device, enabling users to fully enjoy the benefits of their high-tech prosthetic for years to come.

A black prosthetic artificial hand is used to pick up and hold a red can of tomatoes in supermarket
Vulcan Prosthetic Hand with simple motion is easy to use for atdults at all ages

2. The Promise of High-Tech Prosthetics

2.1 Enhanced Daily Activities and Self-Care:

The impact of high-tech prosthetics extends to various aspects of daily living. With the advanced functionality provided by Vulcan's myoelectric hand technology, individuals can perform activities of daily living with greater ease and efficiency.

This includes tasks such as dressing, grooming, preparing meals, and even driving. By regaining the ability to carry out these activities comfortably, individuals experience an increased sense of self-reliance and a restored level of normalcy in their everyday lives.

2.2 Pursuing Hobbies:

One of the most transformative aspects of high-tech prosthetics is their ability to open up new opportunities for individuals in hobbies and activities they are passionate about. Whether it's cooking, or engaging in sports and recreational activities, high-tech prosthetics provide the necessary tools to participate fully and enjoy these pursuits. By enabling individuals to pursue their hobbies and passions, high-tech prosthetics contribute to improved mental health and overall well-being.

Continuing to do what you love with the support of the Vulcan hand

2.3 Breaking Through Limitations and Achieving Full Potential:

High-tech prosthetics have the power to break through the physical and psychological limitations often associated with limb loss. Physically, high-tech prosthetics help individuals regain lost capabilities, allowing them to perform tasks with a level of precision and dexterity that closely resembles natural limb function. This physical empowerment contributes to a more inclusive society that recognizes and values the contributions of all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities.

3. How to Prepare for High-Tech Prosthetics At Vulcan

Education and support are essential for the successful use of high-tech prosthetics. Vulcan offers easy-to-follow training, resources, and ongoing assistance to users, ensuring a smooth transition and empowering individuals to make the most of their prosthetic devices.

3.1 Detailed Training 

Vulcan provides detailed training sessions tailored to each person's specific needs and goals. These sessions cover every step from preparing for installation (setting up and self - calibration) to post-installation (practicing and self - tracking muscle growth) with a suitable timeline and users can completely do it at home.

3.2 Ongoing Assistance 

Vulcan also offers ongoing assistance and guidance throughout the prosthetic journey. Vulcan's experienced support team is accessible through the Vulcan app, providing you personalized help with troubleshooting, concerns, and optimizing prosthetic functionality.

The Vulcan Customer Support team assists you from everywhere at everytime through the Vulcan App

The Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand offers global accessibility through its advanced functionality at a reasonable cost, benefiting a wider range of patients while alleviating financial strain on healthcare providers and insurers. With its advanced sensor technology and modular design, the hand enables a fast and efficient fitting process, reducing time and effort for users and clinicians by 50% and enhancing overall patient satisfaction. Furthermore, we provide industry-leading lifetime support, including a comprehensive warranty commitment and service, ensuring that patients feel confident and supported in pursuing all activities with the hand.

Vulcan acknowledges your concerns surrounding high-tech prosthetics and the unfortunate abandonment of them. However, Vulcan wants to reassure you that solutions exist, and Vulcan is here to support you every step to break down barriers, and unlock a world of possibilities for a brighter future.

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Vulcan Augmetics specializes in providing medical-standard prosthetic products at reasonable costs to provide the most appropriate support to users quickly and conveniently.

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