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Prosthetic Hand Cost in India: Affordable Solutions for Enhanced Mobility

Discover the most affordable and advanced prosthetic hand solutions in India at Vulcan Augmetics. We understand the importance of cost-effective options without compromising on quality and functionality. On this page, you will explore the cost of prosthetic hands in India and how Vulcan Augmetics offers accessible solutions that empower individuals with limb differences.


The Most Affordable Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand

At Vulcan Augmetics, we believe that cost should never be a barrier to accessing life-changing prosthetic hand solutions. Our flagship product, the Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand, combines affordability with innovative technology, providing exceptional value for individuals seeking a reliable and functional prosthetic hand. Once you use your Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand, you can receive:

Reduction of Time and Effort

With our Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand, you can reduce the time and effort spent on moving back and forth between clinics and your places to prepare, set, fix and wait for your bionic arm to be done. Once your order is confirmed, you can receive your Vulcan prosthetic in just 02 days. Also, our bionic arms save your time from doing repetitive tasks. Its intuitive control system, powered by myoelectric sensors, allows for seamless integration and natural movements, making daily activities such as tying shoelaces easier and more efficient for users.

Personalize for Individual Needs

We understand that each individual's requirements are unique. That is why our Vulcan MultiGrip Myoelectric Hand offers a high level of personalization. Socket for maximum comfort and sensor that adapts to your own biosignals. If you are a gym lover, we do have a Push-Up module to support you in having a balanced and safe push-up exercise. Our team of experts works closely with you to ensure the prosthetic hand is tailored to fit your specific needs, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality. 


Reliability and Warranty

Investing in a prosthetic hand is a significant decision, and we want to assure you of the reliability and durability of our products.We believe in life-time relationships with our patients and customers. In any country Vulcan products are present, a Service Center will be set up to make sure our customers and patients will get immediate and reliable tech support Remote troubleshooting via Vulcan Augmetics App. Also, the Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand is built to meet rigorous quality standards, and each component in the Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand can be separated independently with its period of warranty so we back it up with a comprehensive warranty, providing you with peace of mind and long-term support.

Every Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand Set Includes

Affordable Price

The financial considerations have always been a pain point when it comes to prosthetic hand options for many Indians. That is why we are here to present to you that compared to the price of other bionic arms from those biggest prosthetics brands in the world, the Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand with very similar features and functions costs just 1/5 to 1/10 to other brands in the industry. We strive to make advanced prosthetic technology accessible to everyone in need.

Quick Adaptation and Training

Expedited Fitting Process

Time is of the essence when it comes to fitting a prosthetic hand. Our streamlined fitting process ensures that you receive your Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand in just 02 days after the meeting at the clinics. 1 day for measuring your stump to customize to your size. 1 day for final fitting. The fitting session will be around 1 hour including the time for installment and usage training.

Evolving Software Updates

We believe in empowering you to adapt quickly to your new prosthetic hand. With our comprehensive calibration and training program on the Vulcan Augmetics app mentioned earlier, you can start using the Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand effectively within a maximum of 30 minutes of training. You only need to calibrate your muscle signals the first time you use your Vulcan bionic arm, after that, there is no need to calibrate again the next time you use it. Michal, a Vulcan user from Poland, only needed 10 minutes to get used to picking small objects like a grape.

At Vulcan Augmetics, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Our prosthetic hand's software is regularly updated to enhance its functionality and provide you with the latest features and improvements. You can trust that your Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand will stay up-to-date and adapt to your evolving needs.

Rehabilitation Program

We understand that adapting to a prosthetic hand involves physical and emotional adjustments. That is why an easy-to-follow rehabilitation program to support you throughout your journey is a vital need. Each lesson and game has been designed to be suitable for your levels of using our bionic arm. Our team of experts will guide and assist you in making the most of your prosthetic hand, helping you overcome demotivation and failure to regain your independence.

Ready to discover the affordable prosthetic hand options offered by Vulcan Augmetics?

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