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Bionic Arm Solutions in India: Empowerment Redefined

Welcome to the future of prosthetics!

At Vulcan Augmetics, we believe for amputees, the loss of a limb can profoundly impact their daily lives, hindering their independence and sense of self, leading to frustration, dependency on others, and a diminished quality of life.

But what if we told you that there is a way to regain not just mobility but also confidence and self-reliance?


Enhancing Life With Bionic Arms

Introducing bionic arm solutions – revolutionary prosthetics that blend advanced technology with human potential. These remarkable creations mimic the fluid motions of a natural arm, effortlessly fusing with the user's body and enhancing abilities like never before.  Imagine being able to grasp objects, interact with your environment, and pursue interests become seamless experiences, redefining what's achievable with bionic arms by your side.

Our Technology

Bionic arms are advanced prosthetic devices designed to replicate the natural movements of a human arm. Powered by innovative myoelectric sensors, bionic arms detect the electrical signals generated by your muscles and use them to control your bionic arm. This breakthrough technology allows for intuitive and precise control, enabling you to perform different tasks with ease

Advantages Of Bionic Arms :

Using bionic arms offers numerous advantages and life-changing benefits. With the bionic arms, you can expect:


Improved Mobility:

Bionic arms provide a wide range of motion, allowing you to perform actions that were once out of reach and experience a new level of mobility and freedom.


Enhanced Professional Opportunities:

With bionic arms, Indian amputees can expand their professional horizons. You can pursue careers that require manual dexterity and physical engagement, such as engineering, craftsmanship, or healthcare, opening doors to new job prospects and professional growth.


Enhanced Independence:

No more relying on others for assistance. With the bionic arms, you can regain your independence and accomplish tasks on your terms, including cooking, dressing, or managing personal hygiene. This newfound autonomy enhances self-esteem and allows individuals to take charge of their well-being.


Greater Social Inclusion:

Bionic arms can foster social inclusion for Indian amputees. By restoring functional capabilities, individuals can actively participate in social gatherings, family events, and community activities. You can engage in handshakes, gestures, and physical interactions, which contribute to building stronger connections and nurturing relationships.


Heightened Quality of Life:

Embrace a life without limitations. The bionic arms empower you to participate fully in daily activities, hobbies, and careers. If you are a parent, bionic arms provide an opportunity to actively engage in parenting duties. You can hold, feed, and care for your children with greater ease and confidence.

Vulcan Bionic Hand - Your Path To Empowerment

At Vulcan Augmetics, we are proud to bring our world-class Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand to India. Our commitment to excellence and innovation enables us to deliver cutting-edge technology with 6 different grips that meets the unique needs of individuals with upper limb differences. Simple actions like brushing teeth, preparing a meal, or hugging a loved one does not feel out of reach anymore. Also, our Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand is designed with its highest compatibility, less than 30 minutes of calibrating and you can already use your Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand to hold a bottle of water.

Advantages Of Bionic Arms :

We offer a range of bionic arm solutions for upper-limb prosthetics. Our expert team works closely with you to understand your specific requirements and design a personalized bionic arm solution tailored to your lifestyle and goals. Moreover, to support you at our best, we also launched our Vulcan Augmetics app - where you can calibrate your muscle signals to control the bionic hand easily and quickly and have a Rehabilitation Program with well-designed lessons and games for you to practice using your Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand and if you need any help, we are always there to assist you.

Contact Us:

To learn more about Vulcan Augmetics and our bionic arm solutions, please reach out to our dedicated team of specialists in India. They are available to provide further information, answer your questions, and guide you through the process of obtaining a Vulcan bionic arm.

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Praveen Kumar

Global Sales Head

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