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Vulcan Multi-grip Myoelectric Hand

The hand offers 6 main grips with 360 degree wrist rotation, smart sensor system and a very fast fitting process 

Vulcan product is the right solution for patients and clinics across deveoping world

EMG  and Vulcan Multi-grip Myoelectric Hand

Myoband is customised to your biosignals instantly. Self-adapting to the body after 3 uses and suitable for different types of stumps, including electrical burns

Vulcan Myoelectric Hand offers a selection of up to 6 indispensable grips that assist you in handling a range of everyday activities

The quick-rotate wrist can spin 360°, making the arm suitable for a wide range of tasks

Vulcan Multi-grip Myoelectric Hand

Vulcan offers robust and fast grip with loading weight up to 12kg

Hook Grip

Hook Grip

Open Palm

Open Palm

Card Grip
Power Grip

Card Grip

Precision Grip

Precision Grip

Power Grip

Tripod Grip

Tripod Grip

Prosthetic Arm Manufacturer - Vulcan App


Calibrate sensor band to your own biosignal

Adjust opening & closing speed

Onboard patients after fitting with guided exercises

Troubleshoot and request technical support


Tech Specification

Robust hand frame: up to 12 KG weight carry Battery: 7,4V  2000mAh

Wrist functions: 360 degree manual wrist rotation

Prosthesis weight: 501 grams (hand)

Fast opening & closing speed: from 0,5s Articulated thumb with 3 positions


Software & Documentation

The Vulcan App is the central hub for patients and clients to get the best experience and service from Vulcan.




Amputation doesn’t go away.We believe in life-time relationships with our patients and customers

In any country Vulcan product is present, a Service Center will be set up to make sure our customers and patients will get immediate and reliable tech support

Remote troubleshooting and Tech Support are also available via Vulcan App.

Vulcan Users

Specific Module

Our prosthetic arm is modular, with a wrist designed to accommodate custom modules for specific needs. Our expertise lies in crafting tailored modules to empower individuals with upper limb differences, enabling them to confidently participate in various work, sports, hobbies, and specialized activities.
Excercise Module - Prosthetic Arm

Impact Module

Vulcan develops separate modules for training. With the exercise module, you can participate in sports activities such as push-ups and exercises in the gym to improve your physical health.

Distribution & Technical Consultation

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Global ​Distribution

Praveen Kumar

Global Sales Head

+91 93113 52207

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