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A Life with Vulcan Prosthetic Hands: A Pathway to New Opportunities

“How is my life after an amputation?”

Losing an arm is a tragedy, however, along with the modern technology bloom, life can still be regained with new opportunities for amputees once accessing the right sources. So what are these right sources?

In this blog, we will explore how individuals can embark on a post-amputation journey of exploration and self-discovery with the support of the right sources from Vulcan.

1.How to Know If Your Stump is Ready for the Next Step

Before moving on to your new chapter, it is crucial to ensure that your stump is ready for the next step by checking these two factors:

1.1. Assessing physical healing.

An upper limb young man wearing white t-shirt is checked if his stump is healed by another upper limb young man wearing blue polo shirt aat an eventr hand to hold a bowl of cereal and pour milk from a blue box of milk into the bowl
Check if your stump is completely healed before installing any prosthetic hand

Understanding the healing process of your stump and consulting with medical professionals will help determine if it's ready for prosthetic fitting. Here are some signs to help you determine if your stump is physically ready:

  • Wound closure: The primary indicator of physical healing is the closure of the surgical incision, your wound should completely be closed, with no signs of infection or delayed healing.

  • Absence of swelling: As your stump heals, you will notice a significant reduction in swelling or it has completely resolved.

  • Skin condition: The skin on your stump should have a healthy appearance, with no signs of redness, excessive dryness, or flaking.

  • Pain management: If you find that your pain is well managed and becoming less intense, it is an indication that your stump is healing.

*Pro tip: Every individual's healing process is unique, and it is essential to consult with your medical professional or prosthetist for a comprehensive evaluation of your stump's readiness for prosthetic fitting.

1.2. Evaluating your emotional and psychological readiness.

An upper limb young man wearing a white polo shirt is holding a can of beer with his prosthetic arm to cheer with his friend in a parkand to ride a bicycle in a part
Giving yourself time to accept and seek for professional help for a positive outlook

Determining if you are emotionally ready after an amputation is a personal and complex process. Here are some factors to consider when assessing your emotional readiness:

  • Coping with grief: Grief is a natural response to loss, and it is normal to feel so but if you find that you are gradually adapting to your new reality, accepting your limb loss and the changes it brings, and developing healthy coping mechanisms to manage these emotions, it suggests emotional progress.

  • Positive outlook: If you realize that you are developing a more positive mindset and are open to embracing new opportunities by seeking professional help and being willing to build a certain support system, it may indicate emotional readiness.

*Pro tip: Be patient, be patient, and be patient with yourself, and allow yourself time to grieve, adjust, and heal emotionally. If you feel unsure about your emotional readiness, consider reaching out to a mental health professional.

2. How a Vulcan Hand Can Unlock Your New Beginning:

Now that you have assessed your readiness, it's time to explore the possibilities that Vulcan prosthetic arms offer.

An upper limb young man wearing a cargo jacket is take out the Vulcan hand from his socket
The Vulcan hand with a seperated wrist that can rotate 360 degree allowing for more complex activities

2.1. Advanced Functionality

Unlike traditional prosthetic hands, the Vulcan hand is designed to help you perform most basic tasks in a smooth and comfortable movement with its advanced functionality, including:

  • Passive 360-degree Wrist Rotation: One of only few prosthetics brands in the world has this flexibility for precise movements at different angles.

  • 06 Grip Patterns: For versatile handling of objects, allowing you to adapt your grip based on the object they are grasping.

  • Enhanced Sensory Technology: Advanced sensor technology and modular hand design allow for quick fitting and adaptation, reducing the time and effort required for both users and clinicians by 50% and improving overall patient satisfaction.

  • User-friendly Interface App: professional healthcare or users can adjust their calibration easily and quickly from anywhere at any time.

Vulcan users now only take a maximum of 15 minutes to learn and adapt to controlling the Vulcan hand.

2.2. Tailoring To Your Needs

Whether you are a new amputee or have been living with limb loss for some time, Vulcan hand prosthesis is designed to meet your unique needs with greater ease.

An upper limb young man is using his prothesis hand to hold a fork while the other hand holds a spoon to eat Spaghetti with sausages
Using the Vulcan hand for eating activities to gain a better dining experience
  • For those who have just entered life after amputation, the Vulcan hand accompanies you for a quicker recovery, regaining and relearning some certain basic functions such as doing a self-care routine (eating, drinking, changing clothes, etc) so you can take back your controls in life.

An upper limb young man is using his prothesis hand to hold a whisk to stir the egg in a bowl
Doing activities that requires both hands to perform with the Vulcan prosthetic hand

  • For those who have been amputees for a long time, you can find how to do more things that require both hands effectively and quickly, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Additionally, Vulcan provides a comprehensive supportive program that includes rehabilitation, exercises, and interactive games to help you regain strength and adapt to your new prosthetic gradually day by day.

3. Continuing Life Checklist with the Vulcan hand

Life goes on (as always) and so do you, with your Vulcan hand, you now can adapt to daily routines seamlessly and continue these life checklists that can greatly enhance the lives of amputees.

3.1. Adapting daily routines

Without a prosthetic, can you still perform an everyday task?

Yes, you absolutely can but what if it is a complex task requiring you to use both hands at the same time, such as riding your bike, doing push-ups, enjoying your freshly cooked food with a fork and knife, etc?

This is when having an advanced prosthetic becomes extremely necessary, helpful, and useful.

  • No more staggering from riding with one hand

  • Stopping the pain from falling due to unsafe push-ups

  • Saying goodbye to plate slipping when you try to cut your food

An upper limb young man is using his prothesis hand to do push up in a park
Doing a safer excersise pose witht the right prosthetic arm

With the Vulcan semi bionic hand, you only need 10 seconds to adjust angles for your Vulcan hand and you are ready to do things more stable and yes, enjoy life more comfortably.

From simple activities such as holding a bottle of water or a bowl to skillful tasks such as tying shoelaces, cooking, riding, writing, etc, the Vulcan hand enables you to participate in a wide range of activities that were previously challenging or impossible.

3.2. Physical and Mental well-being:

  • Rehabilitation and Therapy: Vulcan offers a comprehensive supportive program that includes rehabilitation exercises and interactive games. These with-tool and without-tool programs are designed to aid in the overall recovery process and help you maximize your potential in using Vulcan prosthetic in the future.

Surround yourself with a group of positive people in the amputee community
  • Community and Support: Vulcan fosters a community of Vulcan users, which we call the “Iron Man community”, they are upper-limb amputees who build a valuable support system, offering encouragement, advice, and camaraderie for new users to boost confidence to enter a new chapter of life, which we know is not so easy at the beginning.

Take the first step and explore the world of Vulcan prosthetics today by FILLING THIS FORM. Your journey awaits!


Vulcan Augmetics specializes in providing medical-standard prosthetic products at reasonable costs to provide the most appropriate support to users quickly and conveniently.

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