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About Vulcan

Pioneering Human Augmentation Technology

Vulcan Augmetics is building a distribution and data ecosystem. Using ML-powered wireless EMG sensors with deep learning networks, our goal is to become the gateway between hardware and humanity, providing high fidelity biodata and feedback so that healthcare professionals can make better decisions for their patients, and everyday users can control their devices with their body.

prosthetics company

Our Journey

Founded in 2018, Vulcan Augmetics has huge dreams: to change the landscape of prosthetics. We are a prosthetics company which creates affordable and adaptable prosthetics. This is targeted towards the community of people with disabilities, especially in developing countries. Our first product, the multi-grip myoelectric hand, available for all. This infuses a new function into the world of prosthetics which is both fresh and more importantly: Practical and highly Functional.

Vulcan Augmetics was founded

We fitted Vietnam mine victims in partnership with UNDP


Vulcan launched Smart Sensor technology 


Vulcan is available across India through 25+ clinics


Vulcan is CE certified, available in Middle Est and Eastern Europe


and More


Vulcan partnered with local organizations including The Coffee House, RMIT, Becamex, Invesco, DRD to install arms on the first generation of users


Vulcan got medical licenses and launched Myoelectric Hand Product in Vietnam



Vulcan is certified to export to more than 200 countries


Vulcan is available in Cambodia through Exceed Worldwide


Vulcan launches Rehab & Monitoring Sensor product

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We aim to bring affordability and accessibility of highly functional prosthetics arms to patients globally, from Asia to Europe to Africa to America, from where there is insurance coverage to places that is low-infrastructure and little medical support.

We harness the power of AI and edge computing to optimize both the patient experience and clinical access to our prosthetic devices. Our technology eliminates up to 80% of the calibration efforts required for patient fitting and training. This not only saves patients valuable time and eliminates the need for extensive travel but also streamlines the workload for clinics, reducing weeks of work.


Bring the vision of a world without significant physical limitations to life, We believe in a future where assistive and augmentation technologies are as accessible and intuitive, enabling people to unlock their full potential and live life to the fullest. 

We are committed to pioneering solutions that bridge the gap between human capabilities and cutting-edge technology, making it easier than ever for individuals to seamlessly integrate these innovations into their lives.

Meet the team

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