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6 Essential Grips for Arm Amputees with Vulcan Prosthetic Hands

Updated: Apr 9

Are you tired of investing in prosthetics that offer more features than you actually need? 

The truth is, you can achieve a full range of functionality and comfort with just a few versatile grips. In this blog, we'll introduce you to the six essential grips for arm amputees with the Vulcan Prosthetic Arm, designed to make your life easier and more comfortable.

1.The 06 Essential Grips for Arm Amputees

1.1 Power Grip: Enhancing Strength and Stability

A young man wearing shirt is holding a type of body lotion cream with his prosthetic hand while the other hand is taking the cream out
Using Power Grip to hold daily objects firmly

The Power Grip is a fundamental grip that provides arm amputees with a firm and secure hold on objects. With Vulcan Power Grip, you can confidently perform daily activities such as holding utensils, opening jars, or firmly grasping a cup. Imagine effortlessly cutting through your favorite steak or easily unscrewing a stubborn jar lid. The Power Grip's strength and stability empower you to tackle everyday tasks without limitations.

1.2 Hook Grip: Versatility for Everyday Activities

An upper limb young man wearing a white shirt is riding a bycicle with his Vulcan prosthetic hand
Hook Grip offers the hook - like ability to hang a bag or ride a bike

The Hook Grip is a versatile grip achieved by utilizing the hook-like feature of your Vulcan semi bionic hand. This grip proves invaluable in various situations, whether it's hanging bags, opening doors, or even driving. Picture yourself easily hanging your backpack on a chair or effortlessly opening a heavy door. The Hook Grip's adaptability enables you to navigate your daily life with confidence and ease.

1.3 Open Palm: Holding Larger Objects with Ease

An upper limb young man wearing a white shirt is holding a bowl with his Vulcan prosthetic hand
A relaxing Open Palm allows users to contain a small bowl on the palm

The Open Palm grip is a natural and relaxed hand position that allows you to hold larger objects comfortably. With Vulcan Hand Prosthesis' Open Palm grip, you can securely hold items like bowls, books, tablets. Imagine effortlessly cradling a bowl of snacks while watching your favorite shows on Netflix. 

1.4 Key Grip: Dexterity in Your Grasp

An upper limb young man wearing a white shirt is holding spoon to stir a cup of green beans with his Vulcan prosthetic hand
Using Key Grip to confidently hold super thin objects

The Key Grip is a grip achieved by utilizing the thumb and index finger of your Vulcan hand. This grip excels in handling thin objects, such as holding ATM cards, phones and keys. With its help, now you can easily insert your ATM card into a machine or hold the phone. The Key Grip's precise control and dexterity allow you to handle delicate objects with ease and finesse.

1.5 Precision Grip: Delicate Control for Fine Movements

An upper limb young man wearing a white shirt is holding a very small tomato on a cutting board with his Vulcan prosthetic hand while the other hand holds a knife and cut it
Precision Grip is super useful for detailed - oriented works

The Precision Grip is a delicate and controlled grip used for detailed tasks. With Precision Grip, you can handle small objects like coins, candies, tissues or use electronic devices with precision and ease. The Precision Grip's delicate control enables you to perform detail-oriented work and interact with small objects effortlessly such as charging your smartphone, picking coins and putting them into your wallet. 

1.6 Tripod Grip: Stability for Writing and Drawing

An upper limb young man wearing a white shirt is holding a pen to write on an Ipad with his Vulcan prosthetic hand
Taking back the ability to write with the Tripod Grip

The Tripod Grip is a three-point grip achieved by utilizing the thumb and two fingers of your Vulcan hand. This grip provides stability and control, making it ideal for activities like writing, drawing, or manipulating tools. It is extremely useful for you to confidently write a note or sketching basic shapes, allowing you to express your creativity and engage in occupational tasks comfortably.

2. Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand

Vulcan understands the difficulties that people with arm amputations face when it comes to everyday tasks and work. After spending a long time working and joining a long term journey with a diverse group of users, Vulcan has made it a priority to develop six essential grips that provide practical and realistic support. These grips are designed to help you perform daily tasks, pursue your career, and enjoy your hobbies and activities.

Vulcan has realized that many traditional prosthetics offer unnecessary features that can be overwhelming and not practical for most people. By taking a different approach, Vulcan aims to address the specific challenges that arm amputees face.

The six essential grips have been carefully developed and tested to ensure they meet the practical needs of arm amputees. Each grip serves a different purpose: the Power Grip offers strength and stability, the Hook Grip is versatile for everyday activities, the Open Palm grip is useful for holding larger objects, the Key Grip provides precision and dexterity, the Precision Grip allows for delicate control, and the Tripod Grip offers stability for tasks like writing and drawing.

With these 06 grips only, your prosthetic is already more than a full stack robotic hand!

Register with Vulcan today HERE and experience the positive impact Vulcan practical prosthetics can have on your life.


Vulcan Augmetics specializes in providing medical-standard prosthetic products at reasonable costs to provide the most appropriate support to users quickly and conveniently.

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