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One hand at a time!
Get 30 limbs to 30 amputees today with Vulcan Augmetics!

Out of 40 million amputees in the developing world, only 5% have access to prosthetic care, prosthetics are NOT helping people like they should. We want to make products that can change the lives of those who need it most, and we need your help to do that.

So, we want this Uplift Indiegogo campaign to fund the putting of prosthetics onto 30 beneficiaries. That’s 30 lives changed, 30 products out there, and 30 people who will be driving the future development of human augmenting technology. Read more

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Vulcan Augmetics create modular, fully functional, and affordable prosthetic for everyone. Using mix-production method, 3D printing technology and modularity approach, we want to bridge the gap between human limitation and human potential.

Imagine people with disabilities in Vietnam (and maybe the rest of the world) functional arms and limbs that allow for fast and easy social reintegration and participation.

For Vulcan, it isn't about fixing broken birds. We make cyborg eagles out of what everyone labeled "the unfortunate ones".


The underlying magic that makes Vulcan Augmetics different from other providers of prosthetic limbs is our flexible design, custom socket panels, and job-specific attachment modules.
Prosthetics limbs by Vulcan are made with a functional core that can later be designed to become adaptable to various cases of amputees, whether for work or play. This helps reduce the time and cost of production, making it more affordable, even for people with limited budget.


All of the products have one core prosthetic design, allowing for easy flexibility and upgrade tailored to the specific of the users in the future.
By creating one single core product, Vulcan tries to minimize the clutter that users have from owing too many different prosthetic.


We create custom socket panels for the core prosthetic part. Each socket is designed specifically to best serve a unique task for the user.
Plug in different sockets and transform into an actual super human, doing things more effectively and efficiently.


Not many prosthetic out there is financially accessible, especially in developing countries. Though progress is being made, why wait?
With 3D printing and of open-source software, we make the process of obtaining a bionic arm faster and cheaper.
The prosthetic community is amazing, filled with incredibly talented teams trying to change how the world sees bionic limbs. Vulcan Augmetics is humble and honor become the next member.
And not just any member, but the first innovative prosthetic idea in Vietnam. In one year, the amazing people of Vulcan have achieved more than what we have initially expected.


When like-minded people come together, good things are bound to happen.
Say hi to the people that made it all a reality for Vulcan Augmetics!

The founders

Meet the twos that started it all.

“I saw other groups attempting to solve the same problem and felt that the
technology had so much potential that was not being used efficiently and
effectively with the end USER in mind. That is why I founded Vulcan
Augmetics, to make technology work for people, and to help people get the
most out of that technology.”

Rafael Masters (Co-founder & CEO)

“South East Asia has abundant but underutilized resources which makes it a
perfect place to create new product breakthroughs. However the masses still suffer with lack of advanced solutions in the fields of prosthetic. At Vulcan we strive to bridge this very Gap between innovation, resources and needs. ”

Akshay Sharma (Co-founder & CTO)

The members

10 individuals from different backgrounds, but with the same passion.

Phạm Văn Được

R&D Associate/Web developer

Lê Tấn Việt Linh

CPO & Prosthetist

Nguyễn Thị Bạch Loan

Marketing Executive

Đỗ Quốc Thắng

Chief Designer

Lê Huy Thông

Electronic Engineer

Vũ Tuấn Anh

Fab Master

Lý Thành Khánh

Mechanical Engineer

Trịnh Khánh Hạ

General Manager


Something happened to a 6 month-old-boy in Hung Yen, Northern Vietnam. Everyone had a little too much fun, too much to eat and too much to drink, and the little boy named Duoc got sick. His intestines turned, twisted, creating the pain that would tear up even the strongest of adults. Rushed to the hospital, he was treated for volvulus.

He woke up, stomach and intestines fine and well, but on his left side, there was this emptiness that he could literally feel. And all of this was before he reached his first birthday.

But he is never the victim. He never blames the hospital, the doctors, his silly siblings, himself, or life for what have happened.


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Very special projects that Vulcan is planning for to further help the community
Right now, Vulcan is hoping to use our modular prosthetic in 2 up coming projects:


Putting more amputees in the workforce with job-specific modular prosthetic


Giving more people with functional and affordable prosthetic with your help!


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