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  Payment Process

Vulcan Augmetics  apply flexible payment methods below, ensuring absolute convenience and safety for customers during the transaction. Please refer to the payment methods and choose for yourself the most suitable method:

Pay directly at Vulcan or Vulcan-affiliated Orthopedic Centers:

-  Step 1: Customers find out information about products and services on the website

-  Step 2: Customers go to the nearest Orthopedic Center  nearest to view products and make purchases

-  Step 3: Customers pay in cash at the Orthopedic Center. Please keep the invoice or purchase documents to ensure your rights after purchasing.

Delivery  and Payment by bank transfer

-  Step 1: Customers find out information and choose products and services to be advertised.

-  Step 2: Customers place orders directly on Webiste or by phone / email.

-  Step 3: Vulcan  customer order confirmation.

-  Step 4: You transfer money to Vulcan's account via the banking system.

-  Step 5: Vulcan  confirm the payments after receiving the money from the guest.

-  Step 6: Vulcan delivers goods to customers.

Information of bank's account :

Asia Commercial Bank (Asia Commercial Bank)

Account name :   Vulcan Social Enterprise Joint Stock Company

Vietnam Dong account number:   286287288

US dollar account number:   188180188

Branch :   Ho Chi Minh

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