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Impact Module - Prosthetic Hand

Orange symbolizes optimism, confidence, and enthusiasm.
This is exactly what Vulcan wants to express, you are unique, come on!


Are you passionate about sports, fitness, or yoga? Embrace your active lifestyle with confidence and comfort, Vulcan has some specific prosthetics for these uses.


With our prosthetic arm, the wrist was designed to change the module for specific needs. Our impact module can empower you to pursue your favorite activities without limitations and enjoy the exercise process more safely and easily.

Artificial Hand- Exercise  Module

Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Silicone


Do you want to be a stronger version of yourself? Do you want to practice your ideal body? Do you want to cheer yourself up?Have a look on our impact modules!

It is easy to install, convenient and comfortable! Less than 20 seconds and you can start your workout.

Exercise module - Prosthetic arm



We ask many of our clients about life after their amputation, all experienced a period of depression. But they all pulled themselves together in the end, and we're sure you can too.


Our impact modules do not require any power supply and can be used as long as they are installed on the prosthetic limbs of our products. Simple, fast, convenient!

Installing Process

Step 1:  Take your socket and install it onto your arm

Step 2: Grab your impact module

Step 3:  Find the slot

Step 4: Fit your impact module into the slot

Step 5: Rotate it so it is locked



With the impact module, we would like to let our users rediscover their enthusiasm for life. Feel comfortable, confident and be active. Have the determination to exercise, to train,

to get back to their original work-out. 


Hoang Van Dung
Hoang Van Dung (Dunggym) had his hand amputated in 2019 due to a work accident. However, this did not dampen his vision of life. After a period of depression and even contemplating suicide at one point, he cheered up. He decided to publish some of his daily life on TikTok, hoping to encourage people who have similar experiences to himself.

Here's a video showing how Dunggym attaches the impact module to the prosthesis and performs a workout!

Vulcan Prosthetic Hand

Want to explore more on how our prosthetic works? Go and check now!

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