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After the customer is consulted and experienced at the Orthopedic Center, the customer decides to order from Vulcan, the Orthopedic Technician will take a sample of the customer's hand to proceed with production.

1. Production Time

- After the customer is sampled after 1-2 days, the customer must return to retry the connection (socket) if necessary.

- From 5-7 days after the customer tries the connection part is the time to assemble and complete the arm

2. Delivery time (Hand mounted):

  • Customer self-install:

Delivery time is 7-10 days after order.

After receiving the hand, Vulcan staff will call to guide the installation. Or Customers can contact hotline 0338380737 for support.

  • Customers installed at Orthopedic Center:

Lead time is 7-10 days to complete production (details in production time section)

After completing the hand assembly, the hand will be taken to the Orthopedic Center where the customer has placed the hand. When you come to the Orthopedic Center, you will be directly and effectively installed and guided by the Technicians.


3. Delivery fee:

  • Shipping fee will be paid by Vulcan

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