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Transform Your Life In Just 2 Sessions: How Is The Prosthetic Fitting Process At Vulcan?‌

Imagine an upper limb prosthetic installation process that allows you to embrace a new chapter of your life within a matter of days. While the average fitting process in the industry can take weeks or even months, Vulcan's expedited fitting process sets a new standard, delivering seamless integration in just 2 sessions. In this blog, we will explore the three phases of Vulcan's effortless installation, highlighting how it distinguishes Vulcan from other prosthetic options and empowers individuals to regain their independence and live life to the fullest.

1. Phase 1: Casting, EMG Calibration, and Practicing at Home

A doctor is making a mold of the right stump for a female amputee who is sitting
Vulcan and the partnered clinics measure your stump, make a mold to customize a socket to your size in just a few days

In the first phase, Vulcan starts the empowering journey by measuring your stump, making a mold of your arm to customize a socket to your size (we call this process session 1), and calibrating the prosthetic. The Vulcan team and our partnered clinics do session 1 quickly and accurately in the shortest time as much as possible for you, usually a few days only.

The calibration helps the Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric hand to move just the way you want it to, making it easier to control and enhancing the overall functionality of it. During this phase, you can also practice at home to get used to your new hand and learn how to use it well, maximizing your potential for success.

2. Phase 2: Trying on the Made-For-You-Only Socket

In the second phase, Vulcan makes sure your prosthetic fits perfectly. We provide you with a special socket that is made just for you. While other prosthetic installations may require multiple fittings and fixing, you don't need to go back for lots of adjustments with Vulcan.

A male amputee is holding a small wood piece with the help of Vulcan myoelectric hand while sitting in the room with the other two young men watching him perform
A Vulcan's user on his prosthetic fitting day at Vulcan

This socket is made to:

  • Ensure a secure and comfortable fit

  • Eliminate the need for extensive iterations

  • Allow you to move your arm easily

  • Do everyday tasks with confidence.

3. Phase 3: 30-Minute Fitting and Transition to Daily Use

At this final phase, we will make sure your Vulcan bionic hand fits well, feels good, and does what you want it to do. They are what session 2 is: The Final Fitting.

And what may excite you? It takes about 30 minutes - to 1 hour only to do this refinement!

Yes, you are not misreading, 1 hour for the fitting, and after that, you are good at self-practicing your Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric hand. This collaborative session allows you to customize the Vulcan hand’s speed, logic and grips to align perfectly with your unique needs and preferences. After that, you can start using the Vulcan upper limb prosthetic right away and feel independent and strong.

‌If you are wondering how we can minimize the time of getting you used to the Vulcan hand, here is the secret: we have launched the Vulcan Augmetics app, and the calibration is done on it, therefore, the app automatically adjusts your muscle signal to open and close the Vulcan hand, that is why the whole time for calibrating at Vulcan takes less than 10 minutes.

A male amputee is wearing a Vulcan bionic hand on his left hand while using his right hand is touching a phone screen to adjust his myoelectric hand
A Vulcan's user is adjusting his Vulcan binonic hand via app Vulcan Augmentics

4. How an Expedited Fitting can bring you huge advantages

Vulcan's expedited fitting process offers a big set of benefits that go beyond just time savings:

  • Quick Integration: With Vulcan, you can start using your new prosthetic arm in just a few days, while other options can make you wait for 28 to 45 days. This quick process helps you avoid the stress of waiting for a long time.

  • Comfort and Convenience: We care about your comfort. The custom socket, perfected within the expedited time frame, reduces discomfort and irritation, allowing you to wear the Vulcan bionic hand for longer periods. Plus, you do not have to come to the clinics several times during the fitting process at Vulcan.

  • Early Rehabilitation: Starting your rehabilitation and therapy early is important for a faster recovery. Vulcan's expedited fitting process allows you to begin sooner, helping you regain strength, coordination, and mobility more quickly. This means you can get back to your normal activities sooner!

In a supermarket, a male upper limb amputee is using his bionic hand to pick up and lift a bottle of yogurt from a shelf
Starting your rehabilitation early means you can get back to your normal activities sooner

By completing the installation in just 2 sessions, Vulcan puts your convenience first. The three phases of making the mold, trying on the socket, and the fitting session work together to give you a personalized, functional, and comfortable prosthetic. With Vulcan, the future is within your reach, sooner than you ever imagined.

‌Ready to join this journey with us? Register HERE for a counseling session with team Vulcan.


Vulcan Augmetics specializes in providing medical-standard prosthetic products at reasonable costs to provide the most appropriate support to users quickly and conveniently.

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