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Vulcan Upper Limb Prosthetic Solutions for a Better Life

Welcome to Vulcan Augmetics, where we believe that everyone deserves a better life, regardless of their limb differences. We understand the challenges faced by individuals with upper limb amputation and the impact it can have on their daily lives, from self-performing daily tasks difficulty to losing their independence. That is why advanced upper limb prosthetic solutions can truly bring in a huge support for the life of amputees.


Benefits of Upper Limb Prosthetic Solutions

Limb prosthetic solutions offer a multitude of benefits that significantly enhance the lives of users. By using limb prosthetics, you can start doing daily activities from basic to more complicated with ease. Whether it's cooking, grasping objects, or even writing, prosthetics are designed to seamlessly integrate into your life. These day-by-day little achievements can regain your independence and from that, it helps to boost your self-esteem and confidence. Not only do you find your confidence back, but you can also have the encouragement to take care of your family, both financially and emotionally.

Types of Upper limb Prosthetics

Every individual has unique needs and preferences. That is why there is a range of prosthetic hands to cater to different requirements.

Here are 04 main limb prosthetics you can consider for your condition:


Myoelectric Hand:

It is one of the most up-to-date system-applied prosthetics in the world and is operated by receiving muscle signals from users and converting them into electrical pulses to help open and close the prosthetic hand.


Cosmetic Hand:

It is a silicone hand that looks like a real hand, however, it is just purely for cosmetic purposes and can not perform any functions for users.


Bionic Hand:

It is an advanced version of myoelectric hand, in which 05 fingers can all move separately to hold and keep objects with natural movement. It is also the most expensive hand (ranging up to over 100,000 USD/hand).


Mechanical Hand:

It is a mechanical hand that is controlled by the power of shoulder muscles from the other hand through the help of cable attachments.

Why choose Vulcan Augmetics?

At Vulcan Augmetics, we offer our Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand , a myoelectric hand with extremely similar functions to the Bionic Hand but at a much more reasonable price. We are dedicated to providing top-notch products that are at the forefront of technology, allowing our prosthetics to maintain the highest level of functionality and durability. Our prosthetics are designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and customizable, ensuring a perfect fit for every user. Whether you need a prosthetic hand or a combination of both, we have the solution for you.


Our advanced technology allows for intuitive control and natural movements, giving you the freedom to perform various tasks effortlessly, all you have to do is to tense and relax your residual limb to close and open the Vulcan Multi Grip Myoelectric Hand. With 6 main different grips, users can carry, hold, and lift from heavy objects up to 10kg to small and detailed items like keys, credit cards, tissue,...Moreover, users can even perform complex tasks such as tying shoelaces and writing with the Vulcan products. Since each component in a Vulcan product can be separated independently, therefore, it only takes 1-3 days for maintenance, quick and easy.


From our first day, a customer-centric approach has always been our motto, therefore, offering a useful solution that can support the most required and unique needs of our users in the most personalized, convenient, and fast way is what we always keep in mind. More than just a prosthetic brand providing A-class products, we see ourselves as a trustworthy long-time friend with our users, that is why we also have a Rehabilitation Program for Vulcan users on our app.


Our Rehabilitation Program provides comprehensive support, including training and ongoing assistance to ensure a smooth transition and optimal usage of our prosthetics. In this program, you will have exclusively well-designed (by professionals) lessons, and games to practice and keep track of your progress. Moreover, with the Rehabilitation Program, we believe you can find motivation from other Vulcan users in the chatting forum for the Vulcan community in the app.

Since we are working closely with our users, whenever you need, you can always receive support from our Customer Service team. Overall, with Vulcan Augmetics, you can find the perfect prosthetic that suits your lifestyle and helps you reclaim your independence at the affordable price. When you choose Vulcan Augmetics, you can trust that you are in the hands of professionals who genuinely care about your well-being.

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