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Hai - The Incredible Journey To Find Confidence Again From His Myoelectric Hand

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Losing a limb due to an accident can be a devastating experience for anyone in that situation. Not just only the physical loss, it also emotionally impacts how that person feels about themselves and their values in life later. However, advancements in technology have provided new hope for those facing this challenge. The development of myoelectric hands, a type of upper limb prosthetic, has transformed the lives of many amputees, enabling them to regain their independence and confidence. This article tells the inspiring story of a man who lost his hand in an accident and found a new lease on life through the use of a myoelectric hand provided by Vulcan Augmetics.

A man was trying a new upper limb prosthetic
Hai and Vulcan engineer were trying myoband

Hai - a long-time user of Vulcan, had been going through a series of emotions after the accident. Back in 2019, Hai was an electrical worker at a factory in Bac Giang, just like every man in their 20s, Hai had a youthful life with lots of ambition, working hard at work and then having fun on weekends with friends. His dream was to have his own store after a few years of working at the factory. Life seemed good to the young man until a fateful day in late 2019, Hai was electrocuted at work, which seriously damaged and burnt his right hand. After being taken care of immediately at the hospital, the doctor came up with a professional indication that Hai had to have an upper limb amputation to save his life. He was shocked at first, then grieving for himself, and finally bursting into tears thinking of his uncertain future and his mother’s. After the hand amputation, Hai spent a few days recovering at the hospitals, where he met 2 other patients who lost both arms and one leg.

A man with  a hand amputation standing in front of a wall
Hai and his stump after the accident

He was inspired by their positive attitude so he thought he was ready to accept his situation but the reality when back at home was not as bright as he expected. He started to realize how difficult the life of a disabled can be when trying to do some basic activities like eating by himself or changing clothes, etc. Above that, what also hurt him was how other people looked and reacted to him as an upper limb amputee. They were scared, some just did not even want to look at him or even stay close to him, some kids cried or secretly said “He has one hand, Mom” when they saw him. Another time, when Hai came to the gym after a few weeks from the hospital because he used to be a gym enthusiast, in contrast to his imagination, people there straightforwardly told him why he had to do exercise when he already lost one hand. Feeling hurt, helpless, and desperate after all the incidents with people’s reactions and the desperation from being the breadwinner of the family to being a useless man, he became isolated from everyone for a long time, except his family.

Later in 2021, Hai accidentally watched a video of the Vulcan Myoelectric’s flex hand, he was immediately interested in how the Vulcan myoelectric hand could become such a useful assistant for a man in the video. He couldn’t hide his excitement and showed his mother the Vulcan video. He then phoned Vulcan's hotline and met Duoc - Vulcan’s officer who also lost one hand and set up for the meeting in Hanoi. After experiencing the Vulcan Fex Hand in reality (at the meeting in Hanoi), Hai found a glimpse of hope for his life. For Vulcan, Hai was also a very special user because he is one of a few people who had been using the first generation of Vulcan myoelectric hand. With the Vulcan Flex Hand, Hai started to relearn everyday tasks that he had taken for granted before his accident, it was both a daunting and exhilarating journey.

A man standing in a room wore his myoelectric prosthetics
Hai and his first prosthetic from Vulcan Augmetics

With the guidance of Duoc, Hai started with simple tasks like picking up small objects or holding a cup. Each day brought new challenges, but also new victories. As he became more proficient with his Vulcan myoelectric hand, he began tackling more complex tasks like tying his shoelaces for the very first time after the accident and helping his family arrange goods at his family’s grocery store. It may seem like an easy activity but for the disabled, it is a big achievement, it gives them hope that they can take care of themselves well.

A man sitting in a gym room with his upper limb prosthetic
With the Vulcan myoelectric hand, Hai gets a big support to do more exercises at the gym with the module designed to help him do push up

Not only did this process of relearning provide Hai with a renewed sense of accomplishment, but it also helped him regain control over his life. When Hai went back to the gym with his new Vulcan Flex Hand and started exercising with the module designed to support him in doing push-ups, everyone there was amazed by his ability and how cool he looked now. Some said he looked like Ironman, some said he was like Marvel’s Winter Soldier and they all were so curious about the Vulcan hand works. From trying to hide his stump whenever he could, Hai is now so proud of wearing his Vulcan hand on crowded occasions. Day by day, Hai regains his confidence little by little. The Vulcan myoelectric hand became an essential tool in his daily routine, enabling him to perform tasks independently and with confidence.

Two men holding hands each other, the man on the right is wearing a myoelectric hand
Hai in the lastest event - healthy, friendly and confident

Myoelectric prosthetics are cutting-edge devices that utilize sensors to detect muscle signals. These sensors are strategically placed on the remaining arm muscles, allowing the user to control the movements of the prosthetic hand by simply tensing and relaxing their muscles. This means that activities like grasping objects, opening doors, or using utensils can be accomplished once again. Myoelectric hands have revolutionized the lives of individuals like Hai, enabling them to regain independence and control over their daily activities. With this innovative technology, amputees no longer have to rely on others for assistance in performing basic tasks.

As Hai embraced his new life with the myoelectric hand, he realized that his journey could serve as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. He wants to be a beacon of hope for the amputee community, showing them that it is possible to regain confidence and independence even after such a traumatic event. He is no longer just rebuilding his confidence; he is igniting hope and determination in others.

When we asked Hai if there was anything he would want to share from his journey, he just smiled and said "I hope that other people with disabilities can stop caring about what others think of them and know that the important thing is to believe that you can do what you want to do, so you will have the confidence and motivation to revive yourself.". Just like Hai, it is also what Vulcan wants everybody to remember: amputees are not defined by their loss but by their ability to adapt, overcome, and thrive.

Two upper limb amputees standing next to each other with each of them wearing one myoelectric prosthetic
Hai and Dung are the ones who have used Vulcan myoelectric hands from thr first generation untill the latest Mark 9.9 - the newest version now

Through Vulcan limb prosthetics and a supportive community of Vulcan’s users, the disabled can embrace a new beginning, confident in the knowledge that the future holds endless opportunities for growth and happiness. From Hai’s experience with Vulcan myoelectric hands, Vulcan can receive very realistic and up-to-date feedback so they can come up with more advanced technology and more suitable designs for Vulcan prosthetics to support the actual needs of the disabled. All versions of Vulcan’s myoelectric hand have always been updated for customer - focused purposes. Together, Hai and Vulcan hope to make a difference in the lives of amputees and build a future where no one feels defined by their disability but rather empowered by their unique journey.

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