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Building Alita

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Alita is an inspiring film. And not for the reasons you might think.

If you have seen Alita: Battle Angel, you might have been drawn to the titular hero of the film, and the enemies she fights. With incredible cyber-warrior bodies,  blades in their arms, and plasma coming out of their arms, its certainly understandable that they would be the main focus.

Alita: Battle Angel is the vision for the future of prosthetics that Vulcan is striving for.

However at the Vulcan Augmetics HQ, we were paying attention to everyone else.

Vulcan team
But prosthetetics made by Vulcan is more for everyone and their daily use.

First, a little background: The film is set in Scrapyard City, a roughshod but lively metropolis of high rise buildings and alleys, which itself is underneath the huge floating city of Zalem. The population of Scrapyard city makes everything they need in Zalem and sends it up. And the first thing you will notice about all the people in the film is how many of them have robotic bodies and body parts.Every layout comes with the latest social features built in. Readers can easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and view how many people have liked a post, made comments and more.

Vulcan prosthetic arm
Prosthetic pieces like this is common-place in Alita.

For us at Vulcan Augmetics, the most interesting and inspiring thing about the movie is not that these people have amazing robot bodies, but that these cybernetic attachments are mostly designed to help the people work and earn a living!

Vulcan prosthetic arm
Vulcan loves the scene where Alita put on her roller blade modules for the Motorball game. The idea of sockets and attachable modules in the movie because fits our product perfectly.

Sure, some of them are equipped as warriors or to play the insanely dangerous sport of Motorball, but most of them have these implants and cyber bodies to do their everyday jobs, and you can see a wild variety of specialist limbs.

At Vulcan this is the kind of future we are building for amputees (the working part, not the cyber warriors with chain-gun fingers!). We don’t see prosthetics as a quick fix or a patch up, we see them as an opportunity to push humanity forward, an opportunity to help people get back into work and to literally build themselves up.

Vulcan prosthetic arm in use
We make prosthetics arms that put people in the work force, not the battle field.

As part of this we are launching the Uplift project in March to get prosthetics for 30 amputees and put them into work placements over the next 6 months, in cooperation with our local NGO and business partners. This is the vision we take from Alita: Battle Angel, and the one we would like to share with you.

Uplift promo
Inspired by the movie Alita: Battle Angel, we want UpLift Project to truly be a prosthetic revolution, firstly in Vietnam then the rest of the world.

If you think this is the future you want to make this happen, then register with us at for updates and information, spread the word about the campaign, and join our Facebook community to become part of the change.

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