UPLIFT HA NOI: "Arms upon arms"

Project Uplift

Uplift is a social impact project run by Vulcan Augmetics as part of both our CSR and business operations. Uplift aims to put sponsored prosthetics onto lower income amputees, and work with business partners to place these amputees into public facing jobs, facilitated by specialist prosthetic attachments designed and provided by Vulcan.

What is Project Uplift?
What is our Impact Proposition?


Life-Long Value

Social Awareness

What Vulcan want to achieve?

The Coffee House became our partner in sponsoring jobs for the amputees. Amputees can easily get access to job opportunities of being waitresses. Also, this is a public-facing, highly-visible, and people-interacting job that will create a strong message.

Launched on 30th March 2019,

Uplift aims to deliver prosthetic arms to 30 amputees, giving them a chance to earn a decent earning to support themselves and their families in 2019.

In Vietnam,

April 2019: The Coffee House 

Approximately 69% of the 5.1 million persons with disabilities are of working age. Only 30% of them have a job and a stable income to support themselves and their family.


Project Milestone

Successfully deliver 3 robotic arms for 3 amputees in HCMC

June 2020: UPLIFT IN HA NOI 

Successfully deliver 10 robotic arms for 10 amputees in the northern area

This is towards

Changing society’s perception of people with disabilities


Which beneficiaries we are looking for?

What will our beneficiaries receive?

The beneficiaries

Our primary sponsors


Our partners

90/2 Bach Dang, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, HCMC.

0973 926 406


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