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About Mine Action Project

This is a $29 million- budget project In partnership with the Social Protection Department of the Ministry of Labors, Invalids and Social Affairs and relevant provincial partners that UNDP Viet Nam is working on) in Quang Binh and Binh Dinh with KOICA's support.

Vulcan Augmetics is the first prosthetics supplier to successfully close a pilot fitting round to support the first 2 landmine victims in Quảng Bình

User Story

Mr. Thêu

Thêu gazed into space with the left impaired eye and shared: “The accident happened five days after my divorce.” He recalled the darkest period of his life and continued: “It might be bomb, I was passed out and only remembered that I was in the hospital with an arm and one eye covered.”

Just like many other men in his coastal village, Thêu is a fisherman. He was unfortunate to get an accident caused by a hidden explosive remnant of war (ERW) while doing his daily job. The explosion made him lose half of his arm and 70 percent of the eyesight.

Thêu lives alone in a small house, half funded by the government and half supported by his relatives. He gets daily care from his order sister, who lives nearby. Before the accident, he was working as a carpenter, but now he can only do some chores around the house like feeding the cattle. He has always hoped to fish again to generate stable income, again.

Mr. Thá

Thá’s parents moved to Đoòng village through a rehabilitation program of the Government of Vietnam in 1956. At that time, the total number of the Arem ethnic minority group was less than 100 people, and it was decreasing.

Thá got married to an Arem woman and lived in one of the rehabilitated villages. His village is about 2,5 hours driving from Đồng Hới city with limited access to electricity and telecommunication.

More than ten years ago, farming was the main source of family income until Thá got a mine accident. His life was saved thanks to his dutiful wife but not the left hand. As health condition decreased, he started weaving bamboo baskets to make more money for the family of seven members.

It hasn’t been an easy job since the beginning, especially with an amputated arm. Each day, Thá can make only one basket that would generate a humble and unstable income of one dollar, normally from other Arem villagers.

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