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Vulcan Augmetics provide free installation of prosthetic arms for amputees in ho chi minh and hanoi

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On 20/12/2021 and 27/12/2021, Vulcan Augmetics partnered with DCI - Diamond Cutters International, to organize the event “Free installation of prosthetic arms”, one of the events in our Uplift series for 20 amputees in the southern region (Ho Chi Minh city) and the northern region (Ha Noi). The 2021 project followed the successful footstep of the 2020 one - with 15 amputees receiving prosthetic arm installation with financial aids from community funds and businesses.

This event marked a milestone not only for the progress of Uplift project since its infancy and the disabled community in Vietnam, but also good news for the Vietnam tech community with the birth of smart devices to augment human quality of life.

In particular, the event was held in Ho Chi Minh city on 20/12/2021, with 9 amputees within the legal labor age range receiving free installation and experiencing first-hand some practice sessions with their new friend - Vulcan arms. The next event was organized in Ha Noi on 27/12/2021, where Vulcan engineers helped install prosthetic arms for 11 amputees who were the project’s beneficiaries.

A total of 20 prosthetic arms, which have been installed for free, are the result of Vulcan’s development and production
This year’s program, named “1 arm - 1 life”, has been collaboratively organized by Vulcan and our partner DCI
Ha Noi’s event has seen an incredible level of warmth from our guests

Uplift project is honored to be the first event ever to fit prosthetic arms for 9 and 11 amputees in just one day. Meanwhile, previous events in the world only managed to install only 1 arm for 1 beneficiary.

Each Vulcan arm is designed with a unique socket to provide a fitting connection with each user’s unique amputation shape. All installation steps are supervised by orthopedic doctors and technicians and based on the user's feelings and comfort.

The success of the project would not be possible without the contributions of strategic partners and sponsors: DCI fund, Vietnam-German orthopedic center, Le Nam orthopedic center, Ha Noi Community for the Disabled, Momo piggy bank fund, Tam Nguyen Viet fund, and Consular Club HCMC.

The prosthetic arms provided in this installation project were designed to help users hold objects and partake in daily activities with more flexibility. Our products were designed and manufactured 100% in Vietnam. At the end of 2021, Vulcan Augmetics officially launched the new version of robotic arms for amputees - with the name of Flex 2021, upgraded from the version of Mk9 2020. This step-up has brought good news to the Vietnam technology community, contributed to revitalizing many lives and new perspectives toward the disabled in the society, and given amputees the right to become a source of inspiration within their community.

Each robotic arm is priced at 30 million VND, which was fully covered by the Uplift project (initiated by Vulcan Augmetics) using funds raised from individual donors and charity organizations all over the country.

Beneficiaries experienced their first joy with the robotic arms

One of the beneficiaries at the event, Mr. Chuyen, was delighted to share his new image: “From now on I can assist my family in some errands!”

With the new robotic arm, daily maneuvers such as opening or closing a water bottle will require only half the time compared to before for amputees.

Kitchen tasks seem to be less inconvenient for them.

Before the excited eyes of sponsors and loved ones, beneficiaries hold their breath when they experience the holding sensations that have been absent from their life for a long time.

Our users are excited with their new company - their functional robotic arms.

Vulcan Augmetics representative, Mr. Rafael Masters – Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Vulcan Augmetics, shared with confidence: “Vulcan believes that this is a great start for a long-term connection between Vulcan and the disabled community who use technological support in Vietnam. Our Made-in-Vietnam technology will develop overtime along with our customers. We believe in human’s infinite growth potentials and the ever-increasing power of technology”

Rafael Masters - Co-founder Vulcan Augmetics believes in the ability to build up human strength through the journey of building technology day by day.

Information about Vulcan Augmetics and our prosthetic arms

Vulcan Augmetics is a startup founded in 2018, with the main working office based in Ho Chi Minh city and various championships in technology community startup awards and competitions in Vietnam and the world. Our brand as a Vietnamese manufacturer of robotic arms aims at people coming from technologically developing countries like Vietnam, India, China, etc., who are under many risks while at work, so that our products can not only allow them to come back to a normal, convenient life, but also regain the ability to earn a living. We expect that at the end of 2023, Vulcan will introduce our robotic arms to the Indian market.

Considering the period of 2 and a half years dedicated to research and development, preparation and exhibition to the market in the beginning of 2021, Vulcan has made incredible progress compared to other technology startups, especially technology related to the medical segment. Until now, Vulcan has partnered and distributed our products to 17 trusted hospitals and orthopedic centers all over the country and gained 46 users just in 2021 alone.

In May 2021, Vulcan Augmetics participated in Shark Tank season 4 and successfully secured an investment of 5 billion VND in exchange for 23% share from Mrs. Do Thi Kim Lien (Shark Lien) - founder of Lian insurance application. In October 2021, Vulcan received investments from Canada’s top angel investors and funds. Especially, since August 2021, EasyGop has become the official payment partner of Vulcan. Therefore, Vulcan customers now have many options for their payment process. If they choose to pay in installments, the interest rate will be 0%!!


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