vulcan hand
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Vulcan Hand

With the 3 thumb lock positions, 6 different grips and a 360°  wrist rotation that can be easily adjusted, you will be more than ready to take on a world of activities, with a super intuitive control motion for adults at all ages to use.
A full-control solution made to match for every limb condition


The future of controlling prosthetic hand technology. The Myoband accurately detects and adjusts to your unique muscle signals in just 1 minute.
Regain your Control in less than 15 minutes

Vulcan App

You no longer need to spend 1 – 2 hours traveling back and forth for manual adjustments to match your prosthetic hand ‘s settings. With the Vulcan app-integrated method, you can now automatically calibrate and adjust prosthetic arm performance by yourself at home anytime

Affordable & Adaptable for All

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For Clinics

Are you looking for a high-quality upper limb prosthesis solution that is compatible with the most of your patients and hassle-free for you to fit? A Full Solution In One Box – All the necessary components in One set.

For Patient

With the ultimate support from the Vulcan hand, and a complete care package from pre-training to post-purchase support, you now can continue certain different activities and hobbies to live life to the fullest again.
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