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Our users are also the ones creating the product.
Let's meet the first one that was brave enough to believe in Vulcan Augmetics.

An unexpected turn of events

Something happened to a 6 month-old-boy in Hung Yen, Northern Vietnam. Everyone had a little too much fun, too much to eat and too much to drink, and the little boy named Duoc got sick. His intestines turned, twisted, creating the pain that would tear up even the strongest of adults. Rushed to the hospital, he was treated for volvulus. All was fine, the world was all sun shine and rainbow, but the storm came sooner than anyone had expected, and that storm came in the form of the calcium that was being pumped into his body, sneakily eating away his left arm.

Ever since roughly 1 year old, Duoc's left arm was half as long as everyone else. But he is never the victim. He never blames the hospital, the doctors, his silly siblings, himself, or life for what have happened. He took the incident as it is, never more, never less. He has nothing to hide. His calmness and composure are something that anyone can admire.
Duoc woke up, stomach and intestines fine and well, but on his left side, there was this emptiness that he could literally feel. And all of this was before he reached his first birthday.

Adversity breeds heroes

He took the incident as it is, never more, never less. He has nothing to hide. His calmness and composure are something that anyone can admire. Now a final year student major in information technology at a prestigious college in Sai Gon, the amputation never bothers him. Duoc is always up and about.

Coding beautiful websites, interacting with social users across every available platform, learning new things, you name it, he never misses a chance to get his hands dirty, and never backs down on any challenges.

“Have you ever thought there’s something different about you? Do you feel isolated that sometimes people treat you differently?”

Duoc answered with a laugh, the kind of laugh that brightens up your day and quite frankly makes the question sounds idiotic. “Not really, I’d never seen myself as any different than anyone else. In fact, sometimes I feel like I haven’t tried my best at certain things and that’s the thing that pains me, Yes, people treat me differently, their look says it all, but I never really mind. I’m happy with myself. All I’ve ever wanted was to help those that need help. That’s why charity work is something I am truly passionate about.”

As he talks about his charity trips to the remote areas of Vietnam with such enthusiasm and excitement, we couldn’t help but feel greatly motivated.

Some might have prejudiced that “the unfortunates”, as we label them, are the ones that need help and support, that they are cripple, unable to properly lead a prosperous life. But Duoc is a true example of how presumptuous we can be at times. Duoc is capable of greatness, he’s already contributing back to society. But he wants and could be more than that.

Vulcan's mission is exactly that. We don't fix broken birds, we turn them into high-functioning cyborg eagles. And we couldn't be luckier to have Duoc as our first user.

Duoc and Vulcan

Here with Vulcan since the beginning, going through all the fail attempts with the team, Duoc has never been discouraged.
The first time trying on the arm, he was thrilled but the team was overthrown by a wave of nervousness. The anticipation as the arm touched his skin for the first time was exhilarating. "Would it fit him? Will it function properly? I'm happy if he can just move the fingers." The room went stale and silent. Everyone in Vulcan team was excited to see our first baby take his first step.

But has anything really been that easy in life? Of course not. The first time wasn’t as expected, so went the product back to R&D lab. This carried on for some time. We tried, we tested different models of the products.

The journey hasn’t been easy, but Duoc always smiles when he sees him. He has never been discouraged. He believes in Vulcan and what more he could contribute to society when the final product is completed. He sees us as his sidekick. And for Vulcan, Duoc is our motivation, our hero.

And there isn't just one hero in the world. Like Harry Potter, they are waiting for Hagrid to come with their Hogwarts letters.
duoc and team_mod

Duoc and Vulcan nees your help!